Sunday, September 28, 2008

Egg pancake 蛋餅 [Dan Bing]

"Dan Bing" is a breakfast or snack with one thin layer of crepe and one thin layer of egg wrapped to serve with soya sauce, chili sauce etc.

Soy milk豆漿 [Dou Jiang]


Shanghai Style Salted Soy Milk

"Dou Jiang" is a traditional breakfast beverage of yellow soya beans juice to serve in cold, mild warm or hot in bowl or cup, with or without sugar or salt.

Variety: Soy milk is yellow soya beans base in general, but also exist in green beans flavor.

Origin: The first record was on a stone slab in 2nd century, but also believed was invented by Liu An (B.C. 179-122) who is Liu Bang(Emperor of Han)'s grand son to serve as medical and nutrition drink for his ill mother.

Taiwanese Glutinous oil rice 油飯 [You Fan]

"You Fan" is a snack dish with steamed glutinous (sticky) rice mixed with braised pork sauce, mushroom threads, little dry shrimp and garnished with coriander, served often with a special taiwanese sweet and spicy Hai Shan sauce.

Origin: South of China, Taiwan. The dish is originally give as present to families and friends by one month old baby's family.

Chicken roll, meat roll 雞捲、肉捲 [Ji Jiuan, Rou Jiuan]

"Ji Jiuan, Rou Jiuan" is a tofu skin wrapped fish paste mixed carrot, orion threads with chicken or pork in long shape and deep fried snack.

Origin: Fu Jian Province, Taiwan. It was a wrap of left over food but became a popular taiwanese snack in taiwanese traditional market.

Fried bread stick 油條 [You Tiao]

"You Tiao" (Chinese Cruller) is a chorro like deep fried bread stick breakfast in golden brown color.

Origin: was invented in the mid 12th century by a pancake store's waiter named Wang Xiao Er, near the West Lake at the South Song dynasty's capital Linan today Hangzhou. The deep fried dough represented the shape of the famous treater couple Qin Hui who killed the national hero Yue Fei.

Hangzhou - Pan baked thin pancake wrapped You Tiao with spring onion, served with sweet noodle sauce and chili sauce.
Shanghai - Served with Clay oven roll, Sticky rice ball and Soya milk as breakfast.
Tianjin - Thin pancake rolled Youtaio with egg, spring onion and vegetable.
Canton, Hong Kong - Wrapped in Rice noodle roll or chopped in pieces and eat with congee.
Taiwan - Served alone or with the Clay oven roll accompany with Soya milk as breakfast.

Red beans Clay oven roll 紅豆燒餅 [Hong Dou Shao Bing]

"Hong Dou Shao Bing" also called Clay Oven Roll is a variety of baked flat and crispy bread with sesame on the top with sweet red beans paste filling, served with You Taio and Soy Milk as breakfast.

Origin: 1st appeared in the mid 2nd century after the general Ban Chao came back from Tarim Basin (Central Asia). And became a popular snack in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Variety: Plain, Spring onion(scallion) or Red beans filling.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taiwanese Meat Soup 肉羹 [Rou Geng]

"Rou Geng" is a popular taiwanese snack stand dish, boiled pork and fish paste shaped by hand, served in a thick mushroom, Chinese white cabbage and bamboo sprouts soup. Best with black vinegar and white pepper.

Origin: Taiwan.

Variety-type: Meat soup with noodle, rice vermicelli, white rice.
Variety-taste: With dried codfish or with Sate sauce.

How to do?
1. Ground slim and fat pork with machine or knife.
2. Mix pork with salt, sugar, white pepper powder, sesame oil, oil fried red onion and Tapioca flour or potato flour.
3. Mix all with a bit white fish paste, then pinch in shape by hand. Boil in the water fishes up ready to use and keep the soup.
4. Cut mushroom, white cabbage and bamboo sprouts in threads. And cut spring onion ready to use.
5. Boil the bamboo sprout in water, fishes out ready to use.
6. Heat up oil in wok, fry the pre-cut spring onion then scoop up, use oil left in the wok to fry the mushroom and white cabbage threads.
7. Add the soup, boil all together. Add a little potato flour at the end to thicken the soup.
8. Serve ready to use meat in a bowl, pour the thick soup then coriander on the top. Spice with soy sauce, taiwanese black vinegar and white pepper.

Where to eat?
At a meat soup specialist stand in every taiwanese night market or traditional market and food court in department stores.

30年老店 阿草赤肉羹 - 新東街35號 (民生國中後門對面)
A-Tsao Chi Rou Geng (30 years store)
Hsing Dong Jie No. 35 (cross street of the Min-Shen junior high's back door)

Chinese Chives Scrambled Eggs 韭菜炒蛋 [Jiu Tsai Chao Dan]

"Jiu Tsai Chao Dan" is a simple eggs scrambled with Chinese chives dish, excellent for male fertility, digestion, smooth down the diarrhea and help blood circulation but not suggest to breast feeding mom.

Origin: Shandong province.

Variety: The dish can be fired with some pork or chicken and mushroom threads.

How to do?
1. Cut Chinese chives short. Whisk well 2 eggs.
2. Heat up oil in wok. Pour the whisked eggs in.
3. Wait the egg getting solid, add in Chinese chives, a bit water, salt and start to stir-fry.
4. Serve in a large bowl or a deep plate with cucumber threads, stir-fried pork threads, sauce and coriander.
5. Scoop up to plate spread some cinnamon powder if like.

Where to eat?
Any Shandong province specialist restaurant or Northern noodle pastry specialist restaurant.

山東小館 Les Delices du Shandong
88, bd de l'Hôpital
75013 PARIS
T 01 45 87 23 37
m° Campo Formio