Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steamed Sandwich 割包 [Gua Bao]

"Gua Bao" also called Taiwanese Hamburger is a chinese white bread sandwich with sweet pork, pickled mustard, coriander and peanut powder.

Origin: From Fuzhou, Fujian province and largely evaluated in Taiwan in many different flavors, also an annual traditional food at the end of the year, invite by the company's boss.

Variety: with streaky pork, lean meat, beef, chicken, cod, omelet etc.

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Hamburger 漢堡 [Han Bao]

"Han Bao" a regular burger with a special recipe of sausage patty, sauce and the famous taiwanese sweet mayonnaise.

Origin: as breakfast first appeared in 90's in the Taiwanese breakfast sandwich store.

Sandwich 三明治 [San Ming Zh]

"San Ming Zh" Taiwanese sandwich is often made with white toast cut in triangle, salad, omelet, ham or sausage patty, shredded sweet cucumber and a special taiwanese sweet mayonnaise.

Origin: This special recipe sandwich first appeared as breakfast in 80's side of every school in Taipei.

Clay Oven Roll 燒餅 [Shao Bing]

"Shao Bing" also called Clay Oven Roll, is a variety of baked flat and crispy bread with sesame on the top, often served with You Taio and Soy Milk as breakfast.

Origin: 1st appeared in mid 2nd century after the general Ban Chao came back from Tarim Basin (Central Asia). And became a popular snack in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Variety: Plain, Spring onion or Red beans filling.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Clay oven roll with fried bread stick 燒餅油條 [Shao Bing You Tiao]

"Shao Bing You Tiao" is a very common set of breakfast with You Tiao(Deep Fried Bread Stick) wrapped by a Clay Oven Roll.

Origin: Shanghai.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Deep Fried Dough Twist 麻花 [Ma Hua]

"Ma Hua" is a sweet snack, a deep fried hand drawn twisted dough with sugar or honey.

Origin: Tianjin.

Rice Cakes 鍋巴 [Gou Pa]

"Gou Pa" is a rice cake from the dried rice at bottom of the rice pot. Can be served as snack or in a thick sauce dish.

Origin: Anhui province. The poor dried the rice from bottom of the rice pot in the yard and conserve them to eat later. The Qing dynasty's emperor Qianglong named a dish with meat and thick sauce dripped on the rice cake, the best dish of the world.

Spring Onion Pancakes 蔥油餅 [Tsung You Bing]

"Tsung You Bing" also called scallion pancake, is a flat pan fried pancake with spring onion(scallion) or sugar.

Origin: Shandong province.

Variety: Salted or sweet.

Steamed Creamy Custard Bun 奶黃(皇)包 [Nai Huang Bao]

"Nai Huang Bao" is a steamed small whit bun with milky cream filling. A Cantonese common dessert after a meal of Dim Sum (Yum Cha).

Origin: Hong Kong, Canton, Macao.

Silk threads Roll (Steamed Roll) 銀絲捲 [Yin Si Juan]

"Yin Si Juan" is a steamed bun with folded hand drawn dough threads.

Origin: Shandong province.

Variety shape: vary sizes and shapes or wrapped inside of a slim layer of dough to look like a bun.
Variety taste: vary dough ingredient, sometimes mixed with the spring onions(scallion) or light sugar taste. Also deep fried the bun to crispy gold and served with Sweetened Condensed milk and peanuts powder.

Radish Threads Cake 蘿蔔絲餅 [Lo Po Si Bing]

"Lo Po Si Bing" is an oven baked snack with radish threads filling and decorated with sesame seeds on the top.

Origin: Shandong province.

Fried Silk threads Roll (Fried Steamed Roll) 炸銀絲捲 [Zha Yin Si Juan]

"Zha Yin Si Juan" is a deep fried version of steamed silk threads bun. Best served with Sweetened Condensed milk and peanuts powder.

Origin: Beijing.

Pot Stickers (Pan Stickers, Fried Dumplings) 鍋貼 [Gou Tie]

"Gou Tie" is a pan fried dumpling with vegetarian or minced meat filling. A variety of Jiaozi. Served with soya sauce, black or white vinegar, sesame oil and chili dipping sauce.

Origin: The pan fried dumpling was said invented in South Song dynasty(12th century). People fry the left over Jiaozi in pan to vary the taste of dumpling.

Shape: Vary of big or small sizes in ear, moon shapes or long rectangular in Tianjin.
Left over or fresh dumpling fried in flat pan.
The old version fried with oil.
The new, healthier version fried with small quantity of oil and half steamed with water.
The vegetarian filling with Chinese chives, garlic green, cabbage, mustard green, corn, coriander, mushroom etc.
The regular filling with minced pork, beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp etc. mixed with variety of vegetable.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sticky rice ball (Glutinous rice ball) 飯糰 [Fan Tuan] 糯米糰 [Nuo Mi Tuan]

"Fan Tuan" is a breakfast and snack with glutinous rice wrapped You Tiao(deep fried bread stick), Meat floss and pickle mustard. Salted or sweet with sugar. Commonly eat with soy milk.

Origin: Shanghai, central south of China.

Variety taste: Sweet with You Tiao(deep fried bread stick) and sugar. Salted with You Tiao, meat floss and pickle mustard.
Variety shape: Oval round, long, oval long.