Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hakka stir-fried 客家小炒 [Ke Jia Xiao Chao]

"Ke Jia Xiao Chao" is a very common stir-fried Hakka(subgroup of chinese from central of china) dish with pork belly meat, dry squid, chinese chives and cooking rice wine.

Origin: Southern china, Taiwan.

Variety: Stir fried also with celery, dry tofu slices and chili.

How to do?
1. Boil the pork belly and cut of the skin then cut the pork in slices.
2. Marinate the dry squid with warm water for an hour, clean and peer off the skin, marinate in the cooking rice wine for an hour, then cut the squid in slices.
3. Cut the chinese chives equal length of pork belly and dry squid.
4. Stir-fry the pork belly, remove the extra oil.
5. Keep frying and add the chinese chives' stems then leafs.
6. Add dry squid slices and soy sauce and keep frying for 3 minutes.
7. Add cooking rice wine and keep frying for a minute.

Where to eat?
Hakka specialist restaurants.

ir Gingko taiwan Innovative Cuisine 銀杏台灣新料理
Tel: +886 8772-2012
Add: Chung Hsaio East Road, Section 3, No. 300, 10F, Taipei, Taiwan.
(Sogo Department store Fu Hsing branch 太平洋 Sogo 百貨復興店 )

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