Friday, August 8, 2008

Salted egg Bitter melon 鹹蛋苦瓜 [Xian Dan Ku Gua]

"Xian Dan Ku Gua" is a traditional Hakka summer dish, fried with salted duck egg and Bitter melon to mild the liver inflammation and to ease the digestion.

Origin: South of china.

Variety: Stir-fried freely with dry salted duck egg or covered with cooked fresh salted duck egg.

How to do?
1. Prepare, wash and cut the Bitter melon and quick cook in the boiling water.
2. Unshell the egg and cut the entire egg in small dices.
3. Warm up oil and fry minced garlic.
4. Fry half of the salted egg with garlic then fry with the Bitter melon then fry with the other half of the salted egg.
5. Remove and ready to eat.

Where to eat?
Seasonal dish in any specialize Hakka restaurants or taiwanese restaurant.

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