Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fried bread stick 油條 [You Tiao]

"You Tiao" (Chinese Cruller) is a chorro like deep fried bread stick breakfast in golden brown color.

Origin: was invented in the mid 12th century by a pancake store's waiter named Wang Xiao Er, near the West Lake at the South Song dynasty's capital Linan today Hangzhou. The deep fried dough represented the shape of the famous treater couple Qin Hui who killed the national hero Yue Fei.

Hangzhou - Pan baked thin pancake wrapped You Tiao with spring onion, served with sweet noodle sauce and chili sauce.
Shanghai - Served with Clay oven roll, Sticky rice ball and Soya milk as breakfast.
Tianjin - Thin pancake rolled Youtaio with egg, spring onion and vegetable.
Canton, Hong Kong - Wrapped in Rice noodle roll or chopped in pieces and eat with congee.
Taiwan - Served alone or with the Clay oven roll accompany with Soya milk as breakfast.

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