Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red beans Clay oven roll 紅豆燒餅 [Hong Dou Shao Bing]

"Hong Dou Shao Bing" also called Clay Oven Roll is a variety of baked flat and crispy bread with sesame on the top with sweet red beans paste filling, served with You Taio and Soy Milk as breakfast.

Origin: 1st appeared in the mid 2nd century after the general Ban Chao came back from Tarim Basin (Central Asia). And became a popular snack in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Variety: Plain, Spring onion(scallion) or Red beans filling.

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b!d said...

Hi, actually I'm looking for this Shao Bing recipe. In my country (Indonesia), I think this bread is the same as "kompyang". Somebody said it is originated from "kwongpyang". I knew this bread from my grandfather who immigrated from the mainland during World War I/II.