Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐 [Ma Po Dou Fu]

"Ma Po Tofu" is a chili fried tofu (bean curd) with minced pork or beef's very popular spicy dish.

Origin: Sichuan province China.
Variety: fried with also garlic and fermented vegetable or different chili sauce, Sichuan pepper and black beans sauce.
Order: different degree of spiciness available by special order.

How to do?
1. Cut soft tofu, spring onion, garlic. Prepare potato flour or cornstarch with water.
2. Fry minced pork or beef with garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce, salt and other spices like Sichuan pepper, fermented vegetable etc.
3. Put in soft tofu, water or light soup. Mix tenderly.
4. Add liquified potato flour or cornstarch smoothly. Mix tenderly.
5. Add spring onion, remove from the pot or wok. Garnish with coriander if like.

Where to eat?
Any Sichuan specialist restaurant or in the majority of Chinese restaurants. Sometimes in Chinese influenced japanese restaurant can also find the variety of Ma Po Tofu rice or ramen.

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